Best YIFY Alternatives For Torrenting – Best YTS Alternatives 2021 (

Because of history of allowing copyrighted material to be downloaded, torrent websites have long been the subject of law enforcement investigations. Some governments prohibit using well-known torrent sites like Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, Kickass Yify, or the YTS torrent Alternatives. YTS is one of the best and most well-known torrent sites and peer-to-peer sharing outlets in the community.

If you live in a country where Yify torrent or YTS is unavailable, you should still use a list of YTS alternatives to download torrent files.

Note: The torrent websites mentioned here are purely for informational purposes. Downloads of copyrighted content are not permitted.

What exactly is Yify/YTS?

Yify Torrents, or YTS, was founded in August of 2011. These were peer-to-peer internet distribution networks that made many movies available for free download via BitTorrent. Yify’s key selling point was its high-definition videos, which drew many downloaders from all around the world. Its popularity was undeniable, and the site received millions of visitors every day.

It developed a devoted following over time. However, the website was later taken down as a result of a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by the MPAA in New Zealand. Since then, the site has been down, with no indication that it will be restored.

The Pirate Bay is the best place to watch Yify movies.

The Bay of Pirate is among the most well-known torrents in the world. We have learned that The Pirate Bay has resurfaced and can now be found at, its original domain. TPB is a well-known torrent site among torrent fans, and you may download a wide choice of torrents from here. With this YTS option, you can download movies, apps, television series, songs, and more.

1337x – The best Yify clone platform

If you want to use torrent and Yify films to get torrents for videos, apps, and devices, the next best thing is to have 1337x. The torrent website is visually stunning, with everything from the index page to the search results meticulously organized. 1337x caters to a large number of torrent users due to the categorization of torrents. You’ll be able to watch movies, TV shows, sports, music, applications, anime, and more. Furthermore, there is a trending area in this YTS torrent section that provides you with all of the standard and trending torrents without having to search for them manually.

A popular alternative to YTS is Kickass Torrent.

This torrent website, Kickass Torrents, is well-known on the Internet, and it needs no introduction. Because it was one of the finest torrent sites in 2021, Kickass Torrent has the potential to be the ideal Yify option for folks who can’t utilize YTS for whatever reason. Despite the fact that Kickass’s original site has been down for a long time, various mirror sites are on the Internet. The mirror domain has the same UI and options architecture as the original domain. The torrent catalogs contain the most well-known torrents and the Top Torrents at the top. There’s also a tag cloud that tells you about the most popular website searches. Extratorrent is an extra torrent alternative for torrent needs.

Until it collapsed in 2017, Extratorrent was one of the most popular as every other torrent site. After Extratorrent drew criticism from officials and law enforcement agencies, several mirror pages were established. Extratorrent proxy servers can be used if the torrent site is unavailable in your area. Extratorrent may reach a broad audience by offering a large number of torrent files and can be considered a YTS substitute.

Lime Torrents is a similar service to Yify Films.

Lime Torrents has been on various lists of the best torrent sites. The torrent website received a positive response from users, as it contains practically all torrent files. When Yify films don’t work, Lime Torrent is one of the most reliable YTS files. Lime Torrent’s website is continuously updated, making it a popular destination for torrent fans. Torrent files hosted here have a high seed and leech count.